Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

Some more adbusting

After I've saw the Advertising Takeover In Madrid I've searched for more adbusting
now you can the pieces I've found
“Fishing Scam” from Eye-Saw

OX - Visit his blog


“Thought i’d share some of the projects that we have been creating in Manchester, UK”, schreibt mir Joe Public. Hier ist der “Brandalism“-Blog mit mehr Projekten: “The commons are the elements of our cultural sphere, owned, shared and enjoyed by all. In law they should be managed by local communities for the benefit of local communities. The commons include public spaces that previous generations have fought hard to keep open and public. However we have little control over the look, feel and content of our streets. More and more public spaces are made private as adverts & brands saturate the landscape keeping our expectations low and our minds distracted. Brandalism is street art activism that critically challenges the authority of private interests within the public realm – our commons.” 

Which one is your favourite?


  1. I love that first image, very creative!

  2. these are awesome ads! makes you turn around and think. :D

  3. The fishing thing is neat. I still get sort-of jealous I live in such a bland area.

  4. Very artistic, maybe the ad people could get some ideas from that.

  5. First picture is definitely pretty creative ;o